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Izzi Bath is one of the leading custom bathtub manufacturers in the country and we invite you to experience the difference! Our exclusive Stay hot bath series retains the hot water temperature longer than any other bath available. All 67 models can be order with customizable therapy to meet your individual needs from air baths to advanced hydro-therapy.

Izzi also manufactures our own line of shower bases in matching colors to our bathtubs for those that prefer a shower over a bath. Our stylish shower bases and bathtubs are made out of acrylic for years of service and beauty, and come with a 10-year structural Warranty.

Stunning Acrylic Pedestal Bathtubs, Skirted Bathtubs, and Corner Bathtubs from Izzi Bath

We all want a beautiful and comfortable place to live. Many of us work our whole lives so we can have a nice home and all the comforts that come along with having a house of our own. There are so many ways to enhance the look and feel of a home, but there’s one people don’t often consider. Renovating or adding to your existing bathroom can make a huge difference in the look and even value of your home. It will also give you a more luxurious and unique bathroom, one that you can truly relax and feel at-home in. Having a nice bathtub can change the whole tone of a bathroom; taking it from plain to luxurious. Izzi Bath offers a wide variety of stunning bathtubs, from acrylic pedestal tubs to skirted bathtubs.

If you’re making the decision to redo your bathroom, or you simply want a new tub, then it makes sense to go with the very best. Renovations, additions, and new pieces cost both time and money, so you want to make sure what you choose is quality and reliable.

Our premium bathtubs are sturdy, reliable, and long-lasting in addition to being stunning, modern, and aesthetically pleasing. We have a bathtub for everyone; whether you’re looking for a corner bathtub to put in a smaller bathroom, or one of our larger acrylic pedestal tubs, we have what you’re looking for. We also offer whirlpool bathtubs, walk-in tubs, and so many other great styles and designs.

The quality and durability of our tubs means you don’t have to worry about replacing them in a few years or the tub looking gross and degrading before your kids leave for college. Our bathtubs will last, and they will continue to look amazing.

If you’re looking to enhance the look of your home’s bathroom, consider a premium bathtub from Izzi Bath. Choose one of our luxurious acrylic pedestal tubs, save space with one of our corner bathtubs, or stick to the classics with one of our beautiful skirted bathtubs. Izzi Bath has your bathtub and shower base needs covered. Give us a call at 877-202-5220 to learn more about our premium quality bathtubs, whirlpools, and shower bases.