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Izzi Bath is one of the leading custom bathtub manufacturers in the country and we invite you to experience the difference! Our exclusive Stay hot bath series retains the hot water temperature longer than any other bath available. All 67 models can be order with customizable therapy to meet your individual needs from air baths to advanced hydro-therapy.

Izzi also manufactures our own line of shower bases in matching colors to our bathtubs for those that prefer a shower over a bath. Our stylish shower bases and bathtubs are made out of acrylic for years of service and beauty, and come with a 10-year structural Warranty.

Cleaning Large Whirlpool Tubs

There are plenty of health benefits that come with owning large whirlpool tubs, but they need to be properly maintained in order to consistently receive them. A poorly taken care of whirlpool bath can cause more problems than it solves and it’s up to you to clean it regularly.

Bacteria Breeding Grounds

If not cleaned as required, tiny particles such as dead skin, dirt, soaps, etc. can find their way into the tiny grooves of the jets and deep into the plumbing system of large whirlpool tubs. This causes a biofilm to build up inside the pipes in which potentially harmful bacteria can form, which can cause bronchial, staph, and fungal infections.

As much as you may want to use all of your fancy soaps and oils in your whirlpool bath, it’s better to save those for your regular bathtub. Bath bombs, bubble bath, and salts will only clog up the pipes with their residue and will only contaminate the clean water flowing through them.

Cleaning Process & Frequency

Ideally, it is best to clean large whirlpool tubs directly after use and the cleaning process is rather simple. Make sure any air control knobs are closed and fill the water to about 2 inches above the topmost jets. Add in your preferred whirlpool cleaning solution (2 tablespoons of dishwasher detergent works if you’re in a pinch) and run the jets for 15-20 minutes.

Next, you’ll want to drain and rinse the tub of any leftover soap residue and scrub it down with a non-abrasive cleaner. Fill the tub again and this time, add in half a cup of bleach. Again, run the jets for 15-20 minutes then drain, rinse, and repeat with just water. Large whirlpool tubs should be cleaned as often as they’re used in order to prevent a multitude of issues that could spring up with poor care.

Following the proper cleaning and maintenance required for large whirlpool tubs can help prolong their life so you can reap their benefits far into the future. At Izzi Bath, we sell a variety of whirlpool baths and other tubs so you can experience spa-like luxury throughout your daily routine.