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Izzi Bath is one of the leading custom bathtub manufacturers in the country and we invite you to experience the difference! Our exclusive Stay hot bath series retains the hot water temperature longer than any other bath available. All 67 models can be order with customizable therapy to meet your individual needs from air baths to advanced hydro-therapy.

Izzi also manufactures our own line of shower bases in matching colors to our bathtubs for those that prefer a shower over a bath. Our stylish shower bases and bathtubs are made out of acrylic for years of service and beauty, and come with a 10-year structural Warranty.

Corner Bathtubs, Freestanding Tubs, and Shower-Bath Combination Pieces From Izzi Bath

Are you looking for a great way to enhance the look and feel of your home? One simple and easy way to transform part of your house is by adding a new, stunning bathtub to your existing bathroom. Replace your old, boring tub with one of Izzi Bath’s modern freestanding tubs. Or, if you’re low on space, you might choose one of our luxurious corner bathtubs. We offer a wide variety of stunning, modern bathtubs for you to choose from. Our bathtubs are durable, reliable, practical, and beautifully designed. Choosing a bathtub from Izzi Bath is choosing quality and luxury.

Not only does a great tub transform the entire look and feel of your bathroom, but it can also help you to relax and enjoy your bathroom in a way you never have before. Installing a functional and beautiful shower-bath combination piece can give you style, luxury, and practicality, which is great for those with busy lives and families who share a bathroom!

Each of our premium bathtubs and shower bases are made from the best materials and designed to last. You don’t have to worry about replacing your tub in a few years, or that it’ll start to degrade and look bad after just a couple years of use. We work hard to bring you the highest-quality freestanding tubs, corner bathtubs, whirlpools, shower bases, and so much more.

Don’t feel like you have enough space for a large whirlpool or freestanding tub? Don’t worry, we also offer shower bases, shower combos, and even space-saving corner bathtubs. No matter what type of tub you choose, it’s sure to enhance the look of your bathroom and raise the value of your house while also providing you with a relaxing place to bathe and relax.

If you’re ready to enhance your home and bathroom, get in touch with us today! Take a look at the other styles of bathtubs and shower-bath combinations we sell by browsing our website. Contact us if you want more information on our premium bathtubs or would like to place an order.