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Transform Your Bathroom into a Super Spa!

decorative_spa_towels_and_roseMaybe you’ve been dreaming about that gorgeous jetted tub shower combo you saw for sale and are inspired to up the relaxation factor of your bathroom. If you want the ultimate spa experience in your home, you don’t have to break your budget to complete the look. It’s the little things that can really set the mood so it’s not necessary to go all out on high-tech equipment or “spa-quality” bath products.

Rather than investing in costly top-of-the-line spa products, you can get the same effect at a much cheaper price by making your own! You can add essential oils, such as tea tree or ylang ylang, to drugstore Epsom salts to create your own personal mineral bath for any time and any mood. Specialty candles are also a great addition as they not only fill the room with a relaxing aroma, but these candles also melt into a smooth, velvety lotion that you can massage right into your skin.

You can also achieve in-home spa status by some simple decorating. You should first store away any of the less attractive items so that they’re out of sight and not cluttering up your counter tops. You can then decorate elegant glass jars and fill them with scented bath petals or bunches of lavender for a calming scent and feel. Don’t forget to fill your cupboards with the softest, plushest, towels you can find!

Now that everything is in place, it’s time to order that jetted tub shower combo you’ve had your eye on. With the money saved in décor and supplies, this luxury shower/bath combination will allow you to indulge in spa-style treatment throughout your daily morning (or evening) routine.