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How to Save on Your Spa Bath Remodel

discount_whirlpool_tubsWhen remodeling your bathroom into the spa bath of your dreams, you don’t have to forfeit your life’s savings in order to achieve exceptional results. One of the easiest ways to keep costs low is to follow your bathroom’s existing footprint. Installing your new sink, toilet, and bath or spa in the same spots as the old will save you thousands, as you won’t need to spend the extra money on rearranging your plumbing.

Another great money-saving option is to look into discount whirlpool tubs, like those sold at IzziBath.com. Many of these discount whirlpool tubs have been manufactured in the wrong color or for a tradeshow or sample so you’ll be purchasing a near perfectly functioning bath for less!

Painting is a sure-fire way to makeover your bathroom on a budget. Not only can you do it yourself, but simply painting the walls can really transform the look of the room. Choosing colors that complement the overall theme you’re envisioning for your new spa bathroom is a budget-friendly way to bring everything together.

Shop around for discount granite and tile. Many granite shops sell their leftovers from larger jobs at a discounted price, which means you can purchase enough for a vanity counter for far less than brand new. You can also find beautiful floor and wall tiles for $1 to $2 dollars per square foot. Rather than spending money on expensive tiles, you can use the less expensive material as your base and accent with the luxury tile.