Aesthetic Benefits of Skirted Tubs

skirted_bathtubsWhether you’re in desperate need of a bathroom remodel or are looking to upgrade to a relaxing luxury spa, the completed look your new tub provides to the room is almost as important as its functions and features. Most bathrooms are already designed to accommodate traditional skirted bathtubs, which have one finished side and the others are anchored to the walls. Though their placement may seem limited by their design, there are plenty of ways these tubs can visually enhance your bathroom.

  • Interesting layout: Skirted bathtubs can be very versatile and aren’t limited to the 3 walls surrounding them. If you’re investing in a complete bathroom overhaul, you can add some visual flair by using a glass divider or the side of a free standing shower unit as one of the adjoining walls.
  • Accent prominent features: If your bathroom has or will have a certain feature such as an accent wall or a large, beautiful window, a skirted tub can be a perfect way to bring together the décor.
  • Perfect in small spaces: If the room is already a tight fit, having a skirted tub tucked away in the corner can give the illusion of a much larger space. You’ll never have to worry about maneuvering around that oddly placed claw foot tub again!