Where to purchase whirlpool and airbath parts and pumps for DIY repairs. .

Most everything that you need to repair a whirlpool tub or airbath is available on line. It is important to find a supplier that can also answer your questions in addition to having good prices. If you can purchase from the original manufacturer of the bathtub that is a good place to start but often the prices are a lot higher then other 3rd party parts suppliers. I have had pretty good luck with the Therapy Bath Store and on Ebay, although Ebay is not good if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for. I have purchased this universal pump replacement package several times due to the free air switch, hose and unions that I otherwise end up buying most of the time anyway. You can check it out at the link I provided below.

Good source of replacement parts


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  1. ginny sass

    Hi. Thanks for being helpful. For the third time I am having to replace the Jacuzi ed38000 control panel/oval on/off switch on my jacuzzi gallery tub. I am not rough on them, is it normal for them to have to be replaced every couple of years? It is getting harder to find them. I tried buying from you but did not see it on your site. Anyhoo, while I was removing the switch the little black cord that attached to it fell down inside the area below my tub. I can see it from the access panel 3′ away but have no clued as to how to retrieve it, hope you can help. And can I drill another hole in my jacuzzi closer to the access area so it will be easier to work on it. This is a mini nightmare. I love my jacuzzi. But I will say all the parts are not exactly high quality. And when my new button comes, is there any kind of waterproof film I can put over the switch to make it last longer and not get a crack.

    Thanks so much,

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    1. Lonny Izlar Post author

      I am not a fan of Jacuzzi products for this same reason but mostly because they seem to be loud and have a lot of vibration. You may be able to retrieve the black cord by taking a coat hanger and straightening it out to about 3 feet long. Then with a pair of pliers and bend a small hook in the end of it. You should be able to hook the cord.

      A more long term solution would be to go with a different control button. The button and the pump control both will have to be replaced. This is about $300 cost to do but will also add variable speed to the existing pump. This allows you to turn down the pump and quiet the whirlpool if you want to.

      The replacement controls are made by Luraco and available at Izzi Manufacturing. You probably will have to call for pricing though. 3523948399. They are not currently on the website but available on their product line. Here is a video link that answers a lot of questions. I have retrofitted about 20 of these so far with a 100 percent success rate. The customers seem to be very happy with them also. http://www.izzibath.com/topazwhirlpoolbath.html


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