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The Advantages to Buying a Recessed Bathtub

If you are the type of person who enjoys a long, hot soak in a bathtub after a long day after work, having a proper bathtub is a must. If taking a bath helps you relieve physical pain and discomfort, reduces your stress levels, and helps you relax, but you don’t have a large bathroom, getting a corner tub may be your best option. When it comes to choosing what type of bathtub you would like, there are multiple things you need to consider:

  • How often will you be able to use the bathtub, and for what purposes will it be used for?
  • Where is there room in your bathroom for a tub?
  • How much room is required to put it in your desired location?
  • Is there a particular design that fits your bathroom style?
  • What color and material do you want your bathtub to be made out of?

Once you have considered the above, it’s time to choose what type of bathtub you would like. For those who don’t have large bathrooms, or a large open space, you should look in the corner bathtubs section. You will need to choose what decor and color best suits your bathroom, and then find a bathtub that complements this.

Recessed or alcove bathtubs are great for those who need to have walls on either side of their tub, or only have a corner or wall to put the tub against. This type of tub helps you save space, and can be easily configured to have a shower since it will be against a wall, or a wall kit can be added on. These types of tubs are super easy to clean, and will always come with one finished side. Corner bathtubs come with the following benefits:

  • They are affordable for every budget
  • You can have a drain at either end of the tub
  • They have a large amount of design options
  • They can be installed next to vanities or cabinets for huge space saving
  • Plus, they provide a more open feel to your bathroom then a wall tub.

Choosing the Right Bathtub: Finding a Budget-Friendly Option

When it comes to choosing what type of bathtub you would like in your new home, or what type of tub you would like to choose after your renovation is done, there are plenty of choices to choose from including: freestanding tubs, corner tubs, and tubs that simply go against the wall.

All of these have their benefits and disadvantages, but when it comes to a budget-friendly option, choosing the standalone tub is the best option. Not only does it not require a boxed-in installation, but you don’t have to pay for all the tiling that would normally cover the piping portion of the tub. With freestanding tubs, all of the pipes are exposed including the fittings and if you are okay with that, then this type of tub becomes extremely budget friendly.

In addition to it being budget friendly, the freestanding bath tub has the following advantages:

You can place it absolutely anywhere in the room! Since the plumbing can be put anywhere due to its nature of being exposed, you can place the bathtub wherever it fits, or wherever it looks the best to you. This makes it an incredibly versatile option, which is what makes it so popular. Plus, the water can be fed through the floor, through the wall, or through the ceiling, leaving you with options galore.

A standalone tub also offers your bathroom added flair and design. You can make it the focal point of your bathroom, not something that gets pushed off to one side. This can make a bathroom look absolutely gorgeous and allow you to add some creativity into your bathroom theme.

Freestanding tubs have this recognizable luxury feel to them. They are an iconic piece to the bathroom, and when a guest walks into your bathroom, they will be able to feel the sophistication and luxury that surrounds them. It is a timeless piece of bathroom furniture that adds creative design and gorgeous aesthetic.

Finally, those who enjoy soaking away in a bathtub will get to enjoy the indulgence and decadence that comes with bathing in a freestanding, claw-foot tub.  It truly is something that everyone should enjoy!