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Whirlpool bath jet replacement or refinishing

Replacing jet internals.                                                                                 Read to me: Replacing jet internals

Over time the jet internals may become discolored or even break. All jet internals can be removed an replaced with new internals. They generally are not very expensive and most unscrew and include the outer trim and the interior eyeball or nozzle. It is important to check with the whirlpool bath manufacturer of the bath for the particular jets. You will need to know the approximate year the bath was made and the model. Most manufactures change jet styles every few years so the year is very important. Don’t attempt to buy jet internals just by the appearance. There are hundreds of makes and models that appear to be the same, but are different size and threading. Also, not all jet screw on and many in recent years pop on by pulling the jet face outward from the wall of the bath.

Whirlpool bath jet

Typical whirlpol bath jet internal.

If you are not successful in locating the jets, you have another option if you have all the original parts. The jets can be refinished to a like new appearance with a automotive paint. We perform this service at Izzi for $325 for most whirlpools. Due to the large number of manufacturer that have discontinued their jets, it may be your only option. A typical whirlpool bath often will last more then 20 years and often the jets and controls are operational but no longer look attractive due to fading or corrosion.