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My pump is not running

Replacement whirlpool pump with air button

This is a good deal if you determine that the pump needs to be replace. It includes some free parts that I usually end up needing for about $45 dollars.


Trouble shooting your pump                                      Read to me: Pump trouble shooting

First check the power source in the main panel and under the tub deck. Make sure the plug is plugged in and that there is not a GFCI that is tripped under the deck. If you are unsure, try another appliance on this outlet, such as a hair dryer.
If you have power and the pump still will not operate, check the air switch by pressing the air button and listening for a click at the motor access. You may need a second person for this. If you don’t hear the switch clicking as the air button is pressed, check to see if the clear ¼ inch air tube is connected to the back of the motor. Occasionally, the air tube can be dislodged when installing the whirlpool bath into the framing. If this is the case, re-insert the hose onto the pump air switch nipple and retest.

The other end of the 1/4 " air tube is connected to the back of the pump to the switch nipple.

It is also possible, that the pump was left in the on position when the power to the house was turned on or due to operator error. This will cause the motor to run dry and if not turned off within 15 minutes, will over heat and seize the motor. If this is the case, the motor will hum, and trip the electrical  breaker.

If the motor is bad, see my instructions on this blog under the catagory, motor replacement.

Typical pump