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Pump replacement instructions


Pump replacement                                                                      Read to me: Replacing a whirlpool pump

The most common repair to a whirlpool is the pump replacement. Although building codes require an access, they are often very small and the pump may not be as near to the access as it should be. This can make a simple replacement very difficult. The pump is attached to a pump mount by two, and in some cases 4 screws.  The replacement motors are mostly universally the same, but make sure you compare the amperage and voltage. Also, it is important to determine if your motor is electronically switched with a electronic control or an air switch. If you are uncertain, check with the manufacturer. If you are planning to do this repair yourself, It is a good idea to remove the old motor before ordering a new one to assure compatibility.

In most cases, the motor is plugged into an outlet under the deck and not hard wired. There are two water couplings one on the top and bottom of the pump. They are usually white 1 1/2 inch and can be unscrewed by hand. It is important not to loose the o-rings and to reinstall them when replacing the pump. They are located in a groove on each coupling.

Model Jade 6 Sk Skirted, Item 24, Size 42 X 72

After the new pump is in place, it is important to do a water test and inspect for leaks at the couplings.  Prior to doing so check that you have plugged in the power and the control air tube that is a 1/4 vinyl tube that connects to the air-switch nipple on the back of the motor. If you have an electric control., the motor will plug into a control box and not an electrical outlet.

You should also make sure the mounting screws are reinstalled. The pump replacement  difficulty is largely determined by how accessible your pump is.

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I like this deal because it includes free parts that I often need when replacing a pump. The air switch and hose is required about half of the time when a pump is not working. The unions are nice to have also if you have an unusual thread type on the original pump. This package makes it possible for the average home owner to do the repair and save paying a professional.