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Cleaning the whirlpool bath system internal pipes and pump

Whirlpool bath cleaning and sanitation.          Read to me:Whirlpool bath cleaning and sanitation

All whirlpool baths have a plumbing system that circulates the water to the jets and back out of the bath into the pump again. The inside of the pipes as well as the pump wet end will become dirty and need to be flushed out with a sanitizer and detergent to remove any body oils. Most but not all whirlpool baths drain down a 100 percent to prevent rancid water from remaining in the pump and pipes. If you own a whirlpool bath that is made of cultured marble, or over 15 years old, you may have a bath that retains water in the pipes. If this is the case, you should flush the whirlpool bath system before every bath.

You can tell that your whirlpool is retaining water by filling it with hot water and placing your hand over one of the jets and turning on the pump. If there is a cold cloudy surge of water, you are retaining water from the previous bath. You will probably notice black specks of mold also. If you have this problem you may be able to improve the situation by elevating the pump about 2 inches. Most cultured marble baths are plumbed on the construction site and the pump will be sitting on the slab and lower then the return.  Also, if you notice any sagging pipes that would retain water, you should also prop these up. A factory built bath where the motor is mounted to the bath, should not have this problem.

Whirlpool bath jet and pipe system

Once every three months or more frequently with heavy use,  purge and clean the circulating system.

Follow the steps outlined below, and make sure the bathroom is well ventalated.

1. Fill whirlpool with warm water and add two teaspoons of powdered dishwasher (not laundry) detergent and one half cup of household bleach to a filled whirlpool. 

2. Activate whirlpool system in accordance with operating instructions, for two minutes. Then allow the Whirlpool bathtub to soak for an hour without the pump running and then run the Whirlpool bathtub for 5 minutes.

3. Drain and refill whirlpool with cold water. Circulate for five minutes. 

4. Drain whirlpool completely after step 3 (above) is completed.

5. Another effective cleaning method, is to use a table spoon of pool shock in cool water and follow the same proceedures.