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How to replace an inaccessible air switch on a whirlpool bath

This pump also includes the Air Button and switch. It is a particularly good deal if you determine that the you have problems in addition to the Air button.

How to replace an inaccessible air switch on a whirlpool bath

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If someone has a broken whirlpool on/off switch and wants install a new one, the old one can be removed by taking a screw driver and knocking the switch through the hole in the tub, and  then fish up the air tube that will be needed on the new switch.  Usually, a coat hanger can be used to retrieve the air switch tube that will need to be used on the new switch. If the back of the bath

Air button switch to actuate the pump diaphragm switch

Whirlpool bath air switch
Typic whirlpool bath air button or switch to turn on and off the motor

Bottom side view of the whirlpool air button and tube.


is inaccessible, then the new switch can be siliconed into place and the retaining nut discarded. Take care to firmly slip the original hose on the new switch nipple before permanently  siliconing in the new switch.

The other end of the 1/4 " air tube is connected to the back of the pump to the switch nipple.

The electronic switch plugs into a control box and does not have an air tube. These switches are less common.